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Suryasoft Profile
We have developed many solutions mainly based on Open Source Technology where client don't have to spend expensive cost for license software either for serve or client.

The usage of Linux as main platform give optional solution with low and reasonable cost. Solutions which are already implemented across many companies and countries.

Knowledge Management

Web based system used as a tool to share information and knowledge between people inside and outside company. It will reduce workload on keeping document, sharing knowledge, training for new employee and source of main reference information.

Work Flow System

Workflow system manage task, project, assignment, approval, more efficient and managable. When your organization getting bigger and you start to lose control, the system will be useful for you. Think about remote office monitoring ?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP is a must have system nowadays to face global challenge and competition, thus embrace opportunities beyond. Our ERP System includes Finance, Logistic, Purchasing, Sales, Production, Stock Control, etc. It's a total solution to your business. It could be tailored up to specific business process cause we understand each business has its own uniqueness.

Other Products
Corporate Tax Management
Estate Management
WorkFlow System
Vehicle Tracking System
GIS (Geographical Information System)
Document Management System
Delivery Tracking System
Approval Management System
Shipping Management
Customer Relationship Management